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The start of a company

     Hello my name is Johnny Perez and I am the owner and founder of Urban Mountain Pakks. I started this company because of one reason; to make and sell handmade, American made, great quality backpacks and gear. But this idea came to be because I needed a backpack for a camping trip I take every year and couldn't find one out there that suited my needs and expectation.


     In my search for a backpack I found lots of low budget packs but they were just that low budget, then I found very good packs but the prices were too much for my wallet to bear and the warranty wasn’t to my standards.


     So at that moment I decided to try and make one, after long days turned to long months I got my pattern to where I wanted it and after searching for my suppliers my first prototype was made.

     I took it with me to my camping trip and it held up very well, I loaded it up with about 25 Pounds of gear, my back didn’t hold up buy my new companion did. After getting great reviews by people on the street I decided to start making them and Urban Mountain Pakks was born.

     With my new company I knew I needed a great warranty and customer service. I wanted to keep my customers happy if something wrong happens to their backpacks or one of my gear, so that’s why I decided to offer a lifetime guarantee to all my products. If a seam rips, a buckle breaks, or even if a grommet comes loose then that means one thing I didn’t do my job right so I will repair it for free that’s my Promise to you all. Happy trekking

Johnny Perez


Urban Mountain Pakks

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